Plow Tokenomics

$PLOW tokens

The total supply of $PLOW is capped at 2.5 million tokens to ensure the project maintains a substantial supply to facilitate all transactions. A huge proportion of these tokens will be distributed through incentives to liquidity providers and rewards over 4 years. A small proportion will be retained and awarded to the Plow team as recognition for their effort of creating this transformative protocol that enables everyone to farm yield from DeFi.

  • Total $PLOW supply: 2,500,000 PLOW distributed over 5 years

  • Circulating supply at launch: 0 PLOW

  • Emissions happen as rewards are farmed:

  • 68% for liquidity providers from incentive pools

  • 8% rewards to the operational treasury

  • 24% rewards to the team for building PLOW

  • PLOW holders receive the 5% fee from PLOW operations.

  • Airdrop rewards will be distributed on November 21st.

$PLOW Token contract address: 0x7c34eafdbfcc04999e568015c2b6cec89b1a550dPLOW-ETH Uniswap LP: 0x4e8db204e2c284a03c28c5162a11f25327fd5099