Plow provides grants for individuals and teams that want to leverage our platform to expand earning opportunities for users.

If you or your team has an idea for a grant proposal, please provide the details below so that we can look into funding your project:

Executive Summary:

A high-level description of the goal for the project. Discuss the problem to be solved, how you plan to solve it, scope, timeline, and how you think it would benefit the Plow ecosystem

Basic Information:

A summation of your location and entity type: Where are you located. How are you incorporated? What is your address? Whatis your contact info

Core Team:

Please provide a full list of your team, resumes, web profiles, countries of residence, and email addresses

Problem Description:

Please provide a more detailed synopsis of the problem you are looking to solve and how you plan to do it. This is where you provide a bit more than executive summary. Leave us inspired to fund your project

Solution: Provide a detailed technical breakdown of how you plan to design and build the project. Define the task, the deliverables, which team members will be responsible for what, and the ways in which you will ensure delivery

Budget: Detail your proposed budget including the tools, team compensation, and other expenses