Why Plow

Plow is building a platform of DeFi products that focuses on producing the greatest yield for investors while minimizing risk. Our suite of products is the foundation of our intelligent yield producing protocol. We are building introducing a new kind of financial protocol that will substantially transform the global financial systems. Typically, everyone across the globe is a participant in the economic system. However, only a select few individuals with great financial skills have been able to gain yields from the system. A large majority of the global population are mere spectators in the financial system as they lack investment expertise.

Consequently, close to 5 trillion dollars sit idle in low yielding accounts in financial institutions across the world. Ironically, there are billions of people in the world that could dramatically improve their livelihoods by gaining access to this idle stash of funds. But, due to the biases of the existing financial system, this is not possible. This creates a huge imbalance of capital owners seeking high yielding investment opportunities and an underbanked population seeking access to capital.